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11-14 SEPTEMBER 2024

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This retreat weaves in all the deep learnings and processes I have worked with over the last decade to help you truly heal, transform the way you feel, and change your life. 

You will begin to return home, to you.

And when you do, your relationships will transform, your business and career will thrive, and you will start living a life of pure joy, freedom and abundance. 

We will be doing all this beautiful work IN-PERSON on the gorgeous island of Menorca. 

The island is a sanctuary of calm and quiet serenity, and abundant unspoilt natural beauty. From its breathtaking coastline, crystal clear turquoise water, exquisite quiet sandy coves backed by pine-clad hills, to its remote landscapes, forested hills, the Balearic island is a total paradise. 

Spend 4 days, 3 nights in a stunning luxurious villa right on the water, with breathtaking sea views and a 5 minute walk to sandy beaches. All bedrooms are en-suite and have air-con. And there’s more, our private 5* chef will prepare beautiful, nutritious and locally-sourced meals (breakfast and dinner).

I will lead you through transformational group sessions each day. We will also move, practice yoga (and more), breathe and connect. 

Integration work will be vital so you will have lots of time to rest, enjoy the beach and the pool. 


Day 1: Be Seen
We will start by taking off the armour, dropping the masks, showing up, and letting ourselves be seen, all in a beautiful safe space. To live with courage, purpose, connection and joy, to be the person who we long to be, we must again be vulnerable

Day 2: Unlearning YOU
We are going to start shedding everything that isn't you. 
We will explore your conditioning, your behaviours, and dig deep to understand their root cause and where they originated. 
Old beliefs and old ways of being have an expiration date and when you acknowledge them, understand them and process them on a whole bodily level, they stop holding power over you and your life and you can create deep long lasting change from there

Day 3: Stepping into YOU
This is where you will step back into the person you always were before anyone else told you who to be. We will begin to alter and rewire your subconscious programming, and deepen your connection to yourself, so you can finally take up the space you deserve in this world. You will start to take back your power. 

Day 4: Returning Home
Our last mornin
g together will be about sealing our connection to ourselves, and learning to lean into our inner knowing, our intuition. We hold all the answers we need, it is just time we listen.  


£2,300 per person for double occupancy

(Long-term payment plans at no extra cost are available)

* Limited availability for single occupancy (at a premium - email to inquire)
** Rooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis

***Flights/Insurance Cover & Airport transfer not included

To find out more, reach out by email to

What People Are Saying...

Lisa Bengiovanni, U.S.A

Dewi Chen, Singapore

Heath VerBerg, U.S.A

Cynthia Rottgen, Switzerland

The beautiful, idyllic island of Menorca is the perfect setting for a gentle period of self-reflection and re-evaluation.

After a catastrophic episode in my life, involving injury and bereavement, I have been slowly rebuilding my mental and physical strength and the retreat has created a feeling of calm determination in me.


During the daily sessions, I was eased out of my comfort zone to embrace an exciting and positive future with enthusiasm and energy.


Thank you Nicole and all my fellow retreaters for your kindness and generosity.


Thank you again – I couldn’t have progressed so far without your support.

Sue Short, U.K.


Your retreats  have been a huge part of my healing! Wonderful memories that have contributed to my fuller life. Thanks to you!

Nancy Covey, U.S.A


I went into this trip with few expectations, as I knew very little as to what was going to be or how Nicole runs her sessions.


Sure I knew there was going to be daily yoga and probably a meditation session tossed in there somewhere.  


But what I got out of this retreat was far more than just yoga.

Nicole as a facilitator is just pure bliss.  Upon meeting her she holds this aura of warmth, peace, light and intuitiveness that just seems to radiate from her no matter what the topic of discussion is.  

 We started and ended our days with communal Instagram worthy meals prepared by our personal chef for the retreat.


Following breakfast, Nicole led us into a yoga session that helped to limber us up for the rest of the day.  After completing our yoga, we sat for what I would say was a group healing session. We did this daily, morning and afternoon. Nicole is amazing at pinpointing the heart of an issue you may be working through. And this is where she shines….


She does this by asking certain questions of you that at times may be uncomfortable to talk about, especially in a group, but with her gentle nurturing way and the support of everyone in the group, I found it easy to “bare my soul”.  


It was some of the best therapy sessions I have ever been involved with. I walked away feeling relaxed, restored and my personal power returned to me.

Lastly, the villa that we all stayed in was just gorgeous in every way.   Sea frontage, in-ground pool, waves crashing against the rocks and glorious days of  sunshine. You couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop!

Lisa, U.S.A

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