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Body Image, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

I''m Nicole

I am a nervous system, trauma and mindset expert and coach.

I help online coaches and entrepreneurs TRANSFORM their relationship with themselves and with money so they can step into their next level of leadership and grow a wildly profitable business with EASE and ABUNDANCE

For over half my life, I had high-functioning anxiety, was a perfectionist, burnt out,

I worried constantly about what others thought of me, had a poor relationship with money (and had no idea back then)

My nervous system was constantly in a fight, flight or freeze response

I was a high achiever, always moving from force and struggle in my business

And I struggled to make money consistently and sustainably

Then I changed it ALL around

I grew a successful business with ease and sustainability

HOW? I rewired my nervous system and subconscious programming

WIth my 10+ years of experience in nervous system and subconscious reprogramming, my mission is to help you step into your greatness

And become a whole bodied, energetic match for your wildest desires

I want to help empower you to break through the invisible barriers holding you back in your business and life, and help you peel away the layers and the masks so that you can go and do all the magical, scary, world-shifting, important things you were made to do.


I really look forward to connecting with you!

Body Image, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher
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