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Body Image, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

I''m Nicole

I am an embodiment and body image coach, a yoga teacher and a mother of two girls.

My mission is to help you feel unshakeable self-belief, worth and love for yourself so you can find true joy, peace and freedom in your life. My work is compassion led, inspiring and grounded.

For over half my life I struggled with my relationship with my body. By my early 30s, I was binge eating, I had very poor body image and no true self-worth. I believed that my worth would come from others' validation of me, from having the "perfect" body, the "perfect" job and the "perfect" life. I was living the life others expected of me, a life I thought looked good. I became a people pleaser.


With time, in a desperate search for joy and feeling worthy, my need to control my body and my life grew stronger and I became numb. I was constantly living in my head and outside of my body. I lost my trust, my faith in my body, ignoring all of its messages and signals. I lost my ability to trust my "gut" instincts, my intuition, my inner knowing. 

My life left me feeling unfulfilled. I experienced crippling anxiety around public speaking, and uncomfortable awkwardness in certain social settings.


Food - unknowingly - became my only escape from unacknowledged feelings of pain, sadness and trauma.


Then I finally got my wake up call. I was in the middle of rummaging the kitchen cupboards in my apartment for anything I could put in my mouth when I finally realised enough was enough. I reached out for help. I started therapy. I found Forrest Yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, mindset practices and evidence-based methods.


Slowly but surely I began collecting small (but important!) pieces from each of these tools and practices, deeply learning, understanding and practising all of them. Then in my own unique way I began to bring the puzzle pieces together. Not by chance or luck, simply by determination and hard work, I created the formula I needed to heal.


I wanted better for myself and for my life and so began my transformative journey, which has led me here, now, and I can't think of anything I would rather be doing with my one precious life than to share this work with you.

Body Image, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher
Body Image, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher
Body Image, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

This work deepened my relationships and friendships and helped vanish my social anxiety and crippling fear of public speaking. This work helped liberate me from food and body obsession, and has given me a job filled with passion and purpose. It has helped me love my body and myself for the first time in a very long time and become the mother I have always wanted to be.


Above all, this work helped me reclaim my life and find what I had always been longing for, a life filled with freedom, joy and purpose.


I want to help empower you to find freedom as well, to peel away the layers and the masks so that you can go and do all the magical, scary, world-shifting, important things you were made to do.


I really look forward to connecting with you!