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Body Image & Life Coach

I deeply believe that our relationship with our body is the most crucial relationship of our lives. Whatever it is we are searching for in this life, joy, happiness, love, financial success, fulfilment, purpose, less stress, anxiety, suffering; it all begins with how we relate with our body. It all begins with living an embodied life.

This is why my work with clients is rooted in embodiment.


Take a look at any young child. Children demonstrate with ease what an embodied life is. They live out their lives fully in their bodies. Emotions are a whole bodily expression, and they roll, dance and crawl their way through the day.


As we grow older however, this innate, and glorious, way of being is beaten out of us. Beaten by chairs, desks, straight lines and the instruction to ‘sit still’. We’re taught to value mental intelligence over the wisdom of the body. Our body becomes demoted; something to be controlled and contained.

When we begin to live an embodied life, we are able to tune into and trust our instincts, our "gut" feelings, our intuition, and subsequently give ourselves all that we need to truly thrive in this lifetime.


If you feel a pull to transforming your business, career and life, be healthier, happier and feel more alive, book in your FREE CALL where we can delve into your life, your struggles and desires. This call has the potential to change your life for the rest of your life! You literally have nothing to lose.

Embodiment is about fully inhabiting the intelligence of the body and attuning to the world through it

Here are the various ways you can work with me:

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