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Body Image & Life Coach

The state of your nervous system determines how you think, lead, feel, behave, problem solve, react, adapt, create and make decisions

Your nervous system and your subconscious programming is running your business

If you are a business owner you likely have experienced this on some level too

Entrepreneurship brings up old wounds, doubts and fears that you may never have known you had

If you struggle to make money in your business sustainably, or you burn out often, or you experience chronic anxiety, here are 7 likely reasons why

1. Your nervous system does not have the capacity for the discomfort that comes with growing a biz

2. Your nervous system perceives money as unsafe and your relationship with money needs work

3. Your nervous system does not have the capacity to help you navigate through the plethora of emotions that come from growing a biz

4. Your nervous system does not allow you to take big bold risks and make mistakes

5. Your nervous system does not allow you to instill firm boundaries in your biz

6. Your nervous system does not allow you to lean into the support you truly need (you are really great at investing in all the strategy - if you know what I mean)

7. Your nervous system is constantly on high alert, and the chronic anxiety and overwhelm and imposter syndrome strips the experience of all joy and ease

The missing link IS your nervous system

This is why the mindset coaching has not worked for you

Or the meditations and the affirmations and the gratitude lists

When you work deeply with the nervous system to transform your relationship with money, with discomfort, with yourself and with others


And this is what I do best


If you feel a pull to transforming your business and life, book in your FREE CALL where we can delve into your business, your life, your challenges and desires. This call has the potential to change your life for the rest of your life! You literally have nothing to lose.

Here are the various ways you can work with me:

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