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Body Image & Life Coach | Programs

Group Programs

A 3 month journey of inner evolution, self-love & coaching with Nicole Rose

Are you ready to...

  • Tap into your true authentic self and reconnect to your intuition?

  • Feel empowered and connected to your body again?

  • Receive intense guidance and support designed to fundamentally transform the way you love and accept yourself and your body?

  • Learn how to make peace with food, and feel pleasure and satisfaction like never before

  • Liberate yourself from food and body thoughts and replace that precious real estate in your head with true joy and purpose?

  • Reclaim your life and your inner power?


If you answered yes to even just one of the questions above, the Find Body Freedom program was created for you.

How will you feel when you let go of...

  • Fear of what others think of you and your body

  • Fear of being vulnerable and truly seen in your true authentic self

  • Fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone

  • Fear of gaining weight

  • Guilt and shame around food and your body

Find Body Freedom

3 Month Transformational Program

The Find Body Freedom Program is a 12-week deep-dive program taught exclusively by Nicole Rose.

The program has been intentionally curated to give you the best of the best when it comes to redefining your relationship with your body. It is an exclusive online community for all humans who are 100% ready to reclaim their body and their life.

1. 1-2-1 Coaching Calls 

You will benefit from 1-2-1 support from me. These sessions will be an opportunity for us to go deep into your own personal journey and create the space for your transformation to unravel.

Value: £500


2. Live Weekly Group Coaching 

You will create a fathomless bond with your community, be seen, heard and supported by me, Nicole, in a safe space, free from any shame and judgement. You will step into your great power and courage by coming out of hiding and speaking in front of your peers. You will feel inspired by others' stories and courage, and experience your own breakthroughs in the process.

Value: £2,000


3. Live Group Q&A

You will never be left in the dark. Get all your questions answered in the Q&A sessions, especially those you did not know you had as you listen in to others' queries.

Value: £1,000


4. Group Yoga & Meditation

We will use yoga, meditation and breath to explore the various themes of the program. These practices will help us take the theory and put it all into ACTION, helping to integrate and absorb any new learnings into our body and conscious & subconscious minds. They will get us there quicker and more effectively, reinforcing the new neural pathways we are looking to create for ourselves.
The sessions will be live so you will benefit from in-the-moment cuing and attention. I will be able to see where you are at emotionally, energetically and physically to help give you certain cues and adjustments that are personal to you and will help you grow. No previous experience required.

Value: £500


5. Live Webinars & Masterclasses

I will teach you an array of information that will be critical as you embark on this journey. The trainings will challenge your current beliefs around weight loss, diets, fat and health. They will help shift your mindset around these topics, give you a fresh perspective and newfound freedom around your relationship with your body and food.

Value: £500


6. Community

You never have to struggle alone with this ever again. You will have access to a growing community of incredible humans to support you and hold you accountable in this journey as we work to break old patterns, and create new ones.



Over £4,000


Your Investment Today:

£1,200 Full Pay Discount


Body Image & Life Coach | Programs

3 Month Unlimited Access to Group All-Levels Yoga Classes

Develop your breath & yoga practice with access to all of Nicole's classes and recordings

Value: £300

3 Months of Audible

Get access to all of the book recommendations for free for the duration of the program!

Value: £25

Body Image & Life Coach | Programs

Total Value Plus Bonuses:

Over £4,500

Nicole Rose_pattern_gold.png

Apply only if...

- You feel a strong resonance in your heart and soul to do this work.

- You're serious about dedicating your time and energy to creating the life you desire through this program.

- You're ready to reap the benefits of stepping into the unknown, and open to the magic that happens when you let go of limiting behaviours and thinking.  


  • 2 x 1-2-1 sessions 

  • Live Weekly Group Coaching

  • Live Group Q&A

  • Group Yoga & Meditation

  • Live Webinars & Masterclasses

  • Community

Bonus 1: 3 months unlimited access to all-levels group yoga
Bonus 2: 3 months of Audible!

Total Value Plus Bonuses:

Over £4,500

Your Investment Today £1,500

£1,200 Full Pay Discount

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