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Yoga Classes

Live Online Yoga | Nicole Rose Wellness

My yoga teaching is strong, slow, steady, grounded and trauma-informed. My classes are inspired by Forrest Yoga, although I do enjoy bringing in elements from other styles including Yin and Yoga Nidra. I teach to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners and yoga teachers, and am also passionate about supporting womxn through pregnancy and their postpartum journeys. 

I am skilled at catering the poses to each person's specific needs and working with students with all kinds of injuries. It is my mission to help people move out of pain. 

Fully inhabiting our bodies detaches us from the thinking mind and brings us into feeling and sensation, specifically into areas of the body that have been neglected or may hold tension or trauma.

Yoga is not another area of our lives where we need to push, struggle, “succeed”, fit into a particular group or be good enough...

When we feel safe and empowered in our bodies, this translates into life. What may start out as a simple awareness and movement practice, can often lead into an incredible transformation of ourselves and everything we come into contact with.

My current offerings include:

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Forrest Yoga is an inspiring, grounding and healing yoga practice that through intelligent sequencing builds flexibility, strength and integrity. The practice is intensely physical and internally focused, guided by the use of breath and core exercises, working to release tension and encourage a deeper connection with the physical and emotional body.

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