Yoga in Harpenden

Yoga in Harpenden

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Forrest Yoga Inspired - All Levels

The class is slow, deep, strong, mindful, conditioning and nourishing. We focus on breathing deeply, deep core work, releasing tension in the neck, unwinding the shoulders, hips and spine, while exploring the playful aspects of the practice 


The venues have free on-site parking available and toilet facilities

First class is £10. Regular drop-in £14;

5 classpack £60 (3 month expiry);

10 classpack £110 (6 month expiry);

20 classpack £210 (12 month expiry)


For pre-booked classes & classpack purchases, please see Terms & Conditions below


A yoga mat. If you need to borrow one (I have a couple extras), please email me at





All classes are non-refundable, non-transferable and have strict expiration dates

You may cancel a pre-booked class up to 2 hours before the class starts. If you do not cancel, you will be charged for attending. The class will not be credited back to your account. Any unbooked classes have a 2-week expiration date


Class packs cannot be shared

5 class packages are valid for 3 months. 10 class packages are valid for 6 months. 20 class packages are valid for 12 months

Classes will automatically be deducted from your class pack.


Frequently asked questions


Forrest Yoga was created by and named after an inspirational yogi called Ana Forrest. It is an inspiring, grounding and healing yoga practice that through intelligent sequencing builds flexibility, strength and integrity. The practice is intensely physical and internally focused, guided by the use of breath and core exercises, working to release tension and encourage a deeper connection with the physical and emotional body. Forrest Yoga is for everyBODY and offers effective modifications for those working with injuries.


The benefits are endless. The practice recognises that people’s bodies are just not the same as they once were and every aspect of the practice has the purpose of moving us 21st century folk out of pain, whether emotional or physical, as they are one in the same. With regular practice, your body and your mind will get stronger, layers of tension that have resided around your neck, shoulders and the rest of your body will dissipate. Your perspective on life may also alter. When we learn the tools to help draw our attention inwards, I believe that anything is possible.


The short answer is NO. We all have different bodies and yoga is not about learning to put your feet behind your ears. The fact is you don't have to have the hamstrings of a gymnast to benefit from yoga. I will help you find your place in every pose.


Saturdays 10.15am, High Street Methodist, Harpenden

"The skill of dancing with intensity and challenge will help you cope better through childbirth and parenthood" Poppy Perinatal Yoga


The Pregnancy Yoga classes are designed to help empower a womxn's journey through pregnancy and childbirth.


The classes will be taught in the Poppy Perinatal Yoga method and will focus on strengthening and opening up the body to protect the joints, relieve any pelvic and back pain, promote good posture and support the changing pregnant body.


We will move through an intelligent sequence of yoga poses and specific core exercises that will help you move towards a more pain free and healthy pregnancy.

You will learn how to breathe in a way that will support you through pregnancy, labour, the delivery process and postpartum. My yogic breath was without a doubt my greatest resource during labour. A breathing practice nourishes baby and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby reducing fear and tension, which can make for a more comfortable labour.


Prenatal Yoga Harpenden
postnatal yoga hertfordshire


The Postnatal Mum & Baby classes are designed to give new mums the opportunity to schedule some time for their physical and mental wellbeing, while not having to worry about childcare! 


The postpartum period is a wonderful yet challenging and intense time. These classes are geared towards keeping your mind and body strong as your baby grows.


In these sessions, we will work through incredible poses and exercises to help the body heal and recover. We will focus on rebuilding and strengthening pelvic floor and core muscles as well as releasing tension around the neck and shoulders, which as a new mum I know is vital!


Ultimately, it will be a time to nurture yourself and your body. The healthier, happier and stronger you are, the happier and more content your baby will be. One of my greatest mottos is: Self-care is the best childcare.


Meet other like-minded mums, expand your support network and have fun!


pregnancy yoga hertfordshire | Prenatal | Postnatal


"I started yoga with Nicole at around 16 weeks pregnant, practicing right up until I was 37 weeks (only stopping as my baby arrived at 38 weeks!). From our very first email exchange, Nicole was extremely supportive, encouraging and kind, and knowing that she, too, had recently been through the same antenatal journey meant I felt in extremely safe hands. I greatly enjoyed the yoga classes, which were in equal parts (physically) challenging and (mentally) relaxing, and it is thanks to this weekly practice that I was able to get through 36 hours of contractions at home with breathing and a TENS machine alone. I am so happy to have found Nicole - who is one of the most inspiring and understanding instructors I’ve met - during this important phase of my life, and can’t wait to start my postnatal practice with her!"